About Amber

Hello! I’m Amber. Thank you for taking the time to view my work. I hope it makes you feel the same magic and love I feel when I take pictures. Capturing life’s most memorable moments is something I am truly passionate about.

I can’t say exactly when I started my journey into photography but for as long as I can remember I was the kid with a camera in hand and the teenager with a ridiculous amount of photos with friends {I have the albums and shoe boxes full of prints to prove it}. I love the emotion that is tied to photographs. Whether looking back elicits a laugh, smile, or tear – a photograph is what turns a moment into a memory.

I love all things love. I regularly get teased by family and friends for being “that girl” – the hopeless romantic, the one that sees the bright side in everything, the one that sings loud and proud to the radio while driving in the car {and not well might I add}, and the one that laughs from the bottom of her gut.

It is safe to say I am a sucker for weddings. When I’m not behind the camera {or heck, even when I am} you’ll find me smiling like a goof with happy tears threatening to pour down my face. I love the magic of new couples, the excitement of marriage, the butterflies, the romance, and the intimate family moments that signify the beginning of a new stage in life (“…with this ring…”).


Let’s take a journey together and capture the sunshine within <3


My philosophy is simple...


I will always give you my best. I know that sounds corny, but its the simple truth. I will give you 100% of my effort each and every time we do a session. I believe in honesty and will always welcome feedback from clients. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your photos {or heck, even if you love some pictures and find yourself wishing you had a few more or a new pose idea} I would be more than happy to arrange an additional session.

Serving Medicine Hat and surrounding area

Tel: 825.333.6000

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